Kerry Oberlin

“As a personal trainer I not only offer professional fitness management and exercise routines, I encourage accountability and consistency in your workouts, getting you the results you want!  I believe that exercise is something you have to do for the rest of your life so let’s make it fun!  I am constantly looking for ways to introduce variety and challenge into my routines in a way that will inspire and motivate you to reach your goals.  Above all, my mission, as your personal trainer, is to keep you safe and injury-free by creating a highly personalized program tailored to your specific needs and current fitness level.  My passion is helping people, let me help you!”
BS in Kinesiology with emphasis in Exercise Science from Indiana University, Bloomington
NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer since 1998
IDEA Health and Fitness Association Member
Fitness for Seniors, Mat Pilates Certified, Pre/Post Natal Exercise, Water Pilates, Boot Camp, Foam Roller, BOSU Ball, TRX
Pegasus Aerial Pilates Instructor
CPR/AED Certified

Personal Training work experience: 
Morgan Run Resort (Rancho Santa Fe)
Frog’s Fitness (Encinitas)
Bodies in Motion (L.A.)
24 Hour Fitness (San Diego, Orange County, L.A.)
Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Instructor (Pinehurst, North Carolina)

Leslie Thompson

I am and Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner as well as a MELT Instructor. I discovered MELT in 2014 and was amazed by the changes in my body. As a long distance walker for the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk, I put on a lot of miles between training and walking the 60 mile event. MELT has helped me to manage the aches and pains that developed as a result of heavy training and 15 walks! What impressed me most, was how quickly I recovered after the events. As a nurse practitioner, I wanted to learn more about how and why MELT works. I went for my first instructor training in January 2016 and found the science fascinating. I noticed the benefits increased even more as I practiced more consistently. I took what I learned to some of my coworkers and found they too were having impressive results. I've now completed my 4th training and am now am an instructor for MELT Hand and Foot, MELT roller and MELT Performance. My classes are open to the general public, go to for more information.

Robyn Bailis-Sirota
Certified Pilates Instructor
Gold Certified Personal Trainer
Specializing in Post Physical Rehabilitation
Muscle Activation Technique Specialist
Original Founder Of CMB Pilates 1997-2017
Contact her directly @ 1-619-807-9283 

Marci Laulum Marketing Manager/ Pegasus Aerial Pilates  Level 1 Instructor 


Kristina Halkowycz 

     Hi, my name is Kristina Halkowycz. I was born and raised in Union, New Jersey. About 10 years ago my husband and I decided to make the move to San Diego, California. I attended Seton Hall University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Broadcasting, with a minor in Russian. After college I worked in the television industry for over 5 years and had experience in everything from running camera, audio, chyron, to master control. I decided to make a career change and become a Pilates Instructor and could not be happier! I loved working in production, but realized my passion was Pilates because it gives me the opportunity to help individuals achieve their fitness goals and to rehabilitate current or past injuries that cause each individual to experience mild, but often chronic discomfort. There is no need to live in pain or without the physique you have always wanted. I am excited to have been given the tools and training needed to become a Certified Pilates Instructor that will enable me to successfully help you to both get in amazing shape while ridding your body of the aches and pains that are typically associated with muscle imbalances, and current or past injuries, to name a few from a long list of various other reasons one might be experiencing either acute or widespread pain throughout their body. I have been actively involved in Pilates Instruction since I discovered it is my true passion and am now Certified in beginner to advanced Pilates exercises which include, but are not limited to, mat/floor Pilates, The Reformer, The Cadillac, The Wunda Chair, The Ladder Barrel, and various other pieces of small apparatus

Jennifer Van Deausen Owner/Manager

 Jennifer Van Deausen has always had a life of fitness. Growing up was filled with horses, ski slopes, swimming, running, and gymnastics. She took her first fitness job at the age of 18 in 1987 at Mariner Square Athletic Club. First working at the front desk, but eventually showing clients how to use the fitness equipment. During college she majored in Nursing and Nutrition. Realizing that Nursing and Nutrition in a hospital setting at the time were not as holistic as she would have hoped she returned to fitness. Working as a fitness therapist in 1993 in Orange County she discovered how rewarding it was to truly help people discover how good they could feel. Her path has taken her through the UCSD Personal Trainer Extension program back in 1996. Then led her through massage therapy school at IPSB in 2000, and finally to Pilates. Jennifer Van Deausen received her STOTT PILATES certification in 2002, and opened up what is now Pegasus Pilates in 2003.

Dave Paczkowski, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Owner of Inside Out Strength and Performance, is a movement and pain specialist with a passion for helping people live their best lives.  Dave specializes in addressing the underlying cause of pain and limitation through functional movement assessments and exercise to help individuals get healthy and stay healthy.