Pegasus Pilates uses a contemporary approach to Pilates, Aerial Fitness, and Therapeutic Movement. Jennifer Van Deausen founded Pegasus Pilates in 2002 as a full service Pilates studio. Since then she has taken the fundamentals of Pilates and incorporated them into her own brand of alternative fitness Private Sessions, small group classes, and Aerial Pilates Teacher Training.

What’s in the name “Pegasus.” 
The story of Pegasus was handed down to us from ancient civilizations. They believed that Pegasus, and winged horses in general, symbolize our own inborn ability to travel from one level of existence to another. To "rise above" what we thought we could not achieve. To become something more than what we see on the surface. It represents our desire to set our goals higher and to seek spiritual answers. The deeper meaning of Pegasus is our own natural ability to overcome adversity. We do this by changing something negative into something positive, and turning our "dis-ease" into harmony. It is about the path, and not the destination.

the studio

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At Pegasus Pilates we are results driven workout that is safe and effective. We focus on the "Living Light Lifestyle" and offer Pilates classes, Private Pilates, Functional Fitness, Aerial Fitness in Solana Beach, and Aerial Pilates Certification . Take your movement and fitness to the next level. Work deeper within your core to create a strong, supple, and balanced body. We  will help you move more efficient and effortlessly.

Jennifer Van Deausen  & Mojo

Pilates Classes

In loving memory of Boingo. I loved you with all my heart. You gracefully passed the "studio dog" torch to Mojo. 

  • Stott Pilates V2 Max Reformers
  • Pegasus Aerial Pilates Hammock
  • Stott Pilates Stability Chair
  • jump boards, Pilates Springs, gliding discs, toning balls, flex bands, balance cushions, foam rollers, and stability balls.